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For some people, when they think of some of there favorite 80′s inspired teen films, some of the titles that come to mind are The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, etc. For me personally, my favorite teen films are films like The Rules of Attraction, Totally Fucked Up, Less then Zero, etc. — films that made you remember not only the good times, but the pain, the confusion, the turmoil and the inner angst of it all. These are the films that speak to me.

THE TOY SOLIDERS continues in the tradition of Bret Easton Ellis, Gregg Araki and Roger Avary as the film follows a group of disaffected youth, back in the 80′s, who once dreamed big, but who have been reduced to petty bitterness, sex, drugs and even murder. All of this is centered around the closing of a roller skate rank.

The Toy Soldiers arrives in theaters on November 14th. The film’s trailer is quite powerful. And for me personally, this is one of the must see films of the year. In the meantime, you can check out the film’s official plot synopsis, as well as the theatrical trailer & a gallery of various stills (down below).

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Plot Synopsis:

On one evening in a decade of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, the innocence of youth and family unravels. Five parallel coming-of-age stories dramatize the stages of grief. A youthful mother in a custody battle over her children finds tranquility with the bottle. The abuse of her ex-husband still haunts the children; a nineteen-year-old drug addict, and his younger brother, a bullied closet homosexual. There’s the story of the dog; a teen who offers sexual favors to gain acceptance, the challenged classmate who would do anything for her love, and the redhead beauty, haunted by a secret, tragic past. These lives and others will change forever on this final evening before their hangout, The Toy Soldiers Roller Rink, closes its doors for the final time.

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