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Blunt Review

By Emily Blunt


Toy Soldiers is a wonderfully truthful, cuttingly visceral, look back at a handful of teens as one fate-filled evening, zeniths and forges new, or expected, paths for their next few decades...and, TS is a talent-filled indie film whose only downfall is in its editing; the old "coulda have been superb if editing had been tighter."

Story goes… Toy Soldiers is a popular roller skate hang spot for a group of teens. It’s the 1980s and each is dealing with some really heavy points of life; what will their future be. Can they be brave, kind, truthful and so forth. High drama.

Each character we are privy to is intertwined with the others – in that way that high school friends mean so much at the time. And, each person you meet reads real. Be aware there is no comic relief thrown in to offer respite from the often terribly ominous tales. But there are deep resonating characters you follow, and by the end, care for. Though, thanks again to editing mostly, you’ll need to ride through a few confounding areas.

And if you're into a Oscar (r) fantasy league of our future thespians you can cull a couple from here. As there are probably three about-to-be great character actors playing upon the frames and maybe even a mass product star thrown in. For their work alone one should see the film.

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