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"Zelda has some baggage," Riding Hood Motion Pictures has released a second movie poster for Wolf Mother. This mysterious thriller centrally stars Najarra Townsend (Contracted). As Zelda, she is in search of a missing child. A host of strange characters stand in the way between Zelda and the child. Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan), Kevin Pinassi, Maria Olsen and ex-con actor Dave Vescio also star. And, the film's poster is hosted here, along with several production stills.

The official synopsis mentions Zelda's past as a Hollywood starlet. Now, her life has hit skid row, but she still believes she can find redemption, by solving a high profile child abduction case. Several production stills show more of the characters from the film. Actor Tom Sizemore can be seen as Jon, looking concerned. Actor Kevin Pinassi is also featured with Najarra Townsend. Pinassi plays Benjamin Harper. Actor Nick Frangione also can be seen taking a wild ride as Dan. All of the stills will give viewers a better look at the film, with a trailer coming soon.


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